Partisan mis-quotes

by bandicootonaburnedridge

Here’s a good one …..
from the comments in John Quiggin’s blog
“The Victorian Ombudsman – – has just presented his report on the ‘Foodbowl Modernisation Project and related matters’. Inter an excellent alia, chapter 3 presents a succinct account of the false claims that are often made about the potential for water savings through investment in irrigation infrastructure.” and so on.

In fact a reading of the Vic ombudsmans report suggests that his (the ombudsman – Mr Brouwer’s) concerns are with project governance and to a lesser extent, the accounting processes for water losses (it did not , in my reading, refer to these as false, just suspect), rather than commenting on the potential savings and the broader economic value.
To quote, selectively:
“NVIRP has achieved its progressive water savings targets to date and
made satisfactory progress in modernising the irrigation infrastructure.
However, some capital installations are behind, due to the recent floods,
and some quality issues exist in relation to capital installations and

So, the commmenter is “falsely” boosting his cred by suggesting a report says something it does not.

Not news? People lie? yes but watch how snippy they get when called on it.